What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small computer file that you can download to your computer’s hard drive when you visit a website. Cookies are harmless files that can improve the experience of using the website if the browser preferences allow them. The website can tailor your actions to your needs, your likes and disks by collecting and remembering online preferences.

Most cookies will be deleted as soon as you close your browser – these are session cookies. Others, known as long lasting cookies, are stored on your computer until they are deleted or expired.

Traffic cookies are used to determine which pages are used. This will help us analyse the data on the site traffic and improve our sites tailored to user needs. This information will only be used for statistical analysis and the data will be removed from the system.

We work with third parties and partners to provide their services through our website and make cookies on the computer as part of the agreement.

How we use cookies?
The cookies used on and all its sub-sites are usually divided into four categories:

Critical: These cookies are required to use our site. Without these cookies, our site is not working properly and you may not be able to access some content on our site.

Functional: These cookies allow us to remember options (such as email addresses) and have enhanced personal qualities. For example a cookie may remember which question you answered in a quiz to tell your score.

User interactions and analyses: these help you to see which articles and offers you are interested in. Collecting information is done anonymously – we do not know who is using it.

Advertising: We use cookies to determine which interests are based on our past visits to your site. Cookies help us to see how effective content is on our website. Our site also includes social links, such as Facebook, which you use in any way, such as you like or share an article, can be tracked analytically.

We do not use any cookie information to identify each user.

Cookies we use.

  • CONSENTWP | your cookie consent | Set: 1 month |This cookie is used to record if you have accepted the use of cookies on this Website.
  • NID | Google features |To generate a ReCAPTCHA images to help protect this Website from “spambots”. Without this cookies you would not be able to use our contact form.
  • _ga; _gid; _gat_gtag_ | Google analytics | Set: 2 years| These cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use this Website. We use the information to compile reports and to help us improve this Website. The cookies collect information in anonymous form, including the number of visitors to this Website, how the visitors have come to this Website and pages they visited, device and browser used.
  • _icl_ | language identifier | set: 5 years | This cookie is used to show our website in your preferred language.
  • mfesecure_ | site security monitor| This cookie is used to inform you about our website safety.
  • wordpress_test_cookie | Our website platform wordpress | Tests whether or not your browser has cookies enabled.
  • act; c_user; datr, sb; spin; wd; xs; fr; pl; presence | Facebook | These cookies are used by the social networks to allow you to share any of our pages with your network – however, nothing is shared without your explicit request to do so.
  • DSID; IDE__gfp_  | Google advertising | This cookies is set to show you adverts on our site that maybe interest you.

Additional cookies also can be set at anytime without any notification. You can always adjust you cookie preferences at any time.

Cookie settings

Cookies can be disabled or re-enabled at any time. Please set your preferences in your browser Chrome Mozilla FirefoxInternet ExplorerSafariOpera, and additional settings of  Advertisement settingsAnalytics settings before you further navigate, use or click on our website.  By blocking cookies, some of our content will  be prevented to be displayed on our site. For the best browsing experience, please accept cookies on this website without changing cookie settings.