Standard call charges from the UK.
International add-ons, SIM card and calling cards.
Widely used mobile applications.
Roaming within the European Economic Area.
Roaming outside the EEA.

You are in the UK calling or texting abroad

Well known mobile network providers in the UK include: EE, O2, Virgin, Vodafone, Gifgaf, Tesco, Sky mobile, Lyca, Lebara and 3 (Three).

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Standard call charges from the UK to abroad can be quite costly. It is around £1- £2 per minute, text messages are around 20p – 55p per message.

If you buy international add-ons to your monthly allowance or get an international pay as you go SIM card or pack, you are able to call abroad for 1p -10p per minute or text for 10p-15p per text message. Add-ons or pay as you go packages starts from around £10/month.

International calling cards are also available from Tesco, Asda, other supermarkets, off licence shops and post offices. Call charges are around 1p-10p per minute and text from free-15p per text message.

Free calls and messages can be made by mobile applications such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Kik, Telegram, etc.

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Roaming Charges

If you are abroad in a European Economic Area – EEA country, you are maybe allowed to use your calls, texts and data with no extra charges including receiving calls and text messages with some mobile network. Check this with your service provider. 

Standard call charges to the UK can be quite costly. It is around £1- £2 per minute, text messages are around 20p – 55p per message. You will also be charged around 50p/minute for receiving calls or listening to your voicemail.