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Hire a car or van in London. Rates and conditions
Choose from hourly, daily or weekly rentals.
Zipcar and Zipvan hire.

General information for vehicle rentals

If You would like to rent a car or van in London, generally the following documents are required:
⦁ Passport or European ID card
⦁ Driving Licence
⦁ Credit Card for Deposit
⦁ In some places, you’ll also need a proof of address e.g.: bank statement.
Deposits range from £100 to £600, this is refunded after the rental completed.

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Car rental fees in London start at around £20/day and van rentals at £40/day. It usually includes basic insurance cover for third party, fire and theft.
Comprehensive insurance, fuel, breakdown cover and other extras are payable separately.

Well known car rentals in London include:  Easycar, Zipcar, Budget, Avis, Europcar, Hertz, Thrifty, Sixt, Enterprise, Alamo.

Popular van rentals in London: Easyvan, Zipvan, Sixt, Europcar, Budget, Hertz, Samshire.

Compare prices online EasycarEasyvan,, or find your local rental company on Google or

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Zipcar Hire

You can rent a car or a van by the hour from Zipcar (
Generally deposit is not required. Cars are easily available from street parking bays.

Membership fee choices are £0, £6/month or £15/month.

Rental fee starts at £5/hour or £50/day for cars and at £9/hour or £79/day for vans.
Insurance, Congestion charge, Fuel for 60 miles (about 96km) are included in the rental fee.