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Student accommodation in London

Student halls of residence eligibility and application. Most common accommodation possibilities for students in London are: Privately rented rooms. Long term hostel rooms. Rented apartments and houses. Student Halls of Residence Halls of Residence are large apartment blocks that accommodate many...

Universities in London

If you are looking to continue your studies in London, you can choose from nearly 50 universities and 10,000 subjects. Undergraduate studies' entry requirements and application process. Well known Universities in London. Undergraduate study Fees and Visas Fees for Home students...

Youth and Student Discounts in London

Travel Student Discounts on OYSTER Card in London. Travel Youth and Student Discounts on Train 16 to 25 Railcard in England. Student ID card and Discounts in England.NUS Extra Card International student card and Youth Card (up to 30...

Student Loans in England

If you are planning to continue your study in the UK, you have the option to apply for a student loan and help with the living cost.  You are eligible to apply for a student...

Basic Health & Safety at work

Health and safety advice for working in catering, construction or industrial jobs. Causes of Accidents: The vast majority of accidents in work places are caused by lack of training, negligence, not wearing protective clothing. Everyone has...

NVQ Courses and Advanced Learner Loans in England

In England, NVQ - National Vocational Qualification courses provide professional qualifications. Advanced learner loans are available to help with the course fee. Eligibility.  Application. Repayment.  Applying for an NVQ course You can apply for an NVQ course individually or through...

Basic Food Hygiene

Food handling is regulated by law. Always follow these rules to keep yourself and others safe. Basic Food Hygiene An E.H.O. is an Environmental Health Officer. If you are caught breaking the rules your fine can...

COSHH – Handling Chemicals

Short safety advice for working with chemicals such as bleach, dish washer detergent, oven cleaner, lime scale remover, etc. COSHH (CONTROL OF SUBSTANCES HAZARDOUS TO HEALTH) Different Types of Chemicals: Toxic (poisonous) Corrosive melt skin...
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Driving In London

Congestion Charge Ultra Low Emission Zone - ULEZ-Charge Low Emission Zone - LEZ charge (mainly for lorries and buses) Drartford Charge (bridge/tunnel) Cameras in London Parking in London,...

Tax Refund in England

Lost P45 P60

Finding a job in London

Transferring Money Abroad