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Health care in Britain

Eligibility for visitors, residents and students European Health Insurance Card Urgent medical attention Urgent but not life threatening conditions Non-urgent illnesses Dental and optical care Eligibility Everyone can receive free emergency treatment in any Accident and Emergency department. Sexual health screening...

Family doctors and Dentists in England

General medical care in Britain is free for UK residents. Fot that you need to be registered with your local Doctor (GP - General Practitioner). Although most basic healthcare is free in England, you...

Medicines in England

Free medication if you qualify. Apply for NHS Low Income Scheme. Over the counter medicines (without prescription) for general illness, pain relief, minor injuries are available in England in most supermarkets, pharmacies, off licence shop. Prescribed medications The cost...

Contraception and Termination in England

Free contraceptive pills, injections or implants in England. Getting a morning after pill or an IUD-intrauterine device for emergency contraception. When is an abortion free. The cost of the termination in England. Medical or surgical termination. Contraception Free contraceptive...

Having a baby in England

First visit to your Family doctor - GP after discovering that you are pregnant. Free dental care and prescription start up pack 12  and 18 weeks scans. Register your newborn. The first examination of pregnancy in England is...
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Driving In London

Congestion Charge Ultra Low Emission Zone - ULEZ-Charge Low Emission Zone - LEZ charge (mainly for lorries and buses) Drartford Charge (bridge/tunnel) Cameras in London Parking in London,...

Tax Refund in England

Lost P45 P60

Finding a job in London

Transferring Money Abroad