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Tax Refund in England

In the UK, the tax year starts on April 6th and ends on April 5th the following calendar year. You may have paid more tax in than was required. You can also claim your over paid...

Your working rights in the UK

It is useful to know your working rights and obligations if you are working in the UK. See your entitlements for wages, contracts, paid holidays and sick pay here. National minimum wage in the UK The...

Lost P45 P60

You might need your P60 and P45 for Tax Refund, Pension, Proof of Earnings for loans, mortgages, benefits, or anything else in the future. It is advisable to keep them. P60 is a yearly earnings...

Maternity and child support

Benefits and supports for expecting mothers and families with children in England. Child Benefit, Maternity Allowance, Sure Start Maternity Grant. Self-employed people in England can also be eligible. Child Benefit in Britain You are eligible to...

Taking on a new Employee

When employing people, it is important to know the duties and rights of employers and employees in England.You need to comply with compulsory employer registration and liability insurance, Payslips, payroll, National Insurance and Private Pension...

Maternity Leave and Pay in England

In England employers must provide you with Maternity or Paternity leave and pay if you meet certain criteria. You and your partner can get SMP - Statutory Maternity leave and  Pay or SPP - Statutory Paternity leave...

Applying for your National Insurance Number

You need a National Insurance Number if you are seeking employment or have already begun working. It is possible for you to start working even if you don’t have a NI number, provided you are...

Universal Credit in London

Collective benefits for working single claimants, couples, families with children in England. Eligibility, amount, self employed claimants and benefit cap. Self-employed people can also be eligible. Universal Credit includes the following benefits Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) Housing Benefit Working...
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Driving In London

Congestion Charge Ultra Low Emission Zone - ULEZ-Charge Low Emission Zone - LEZ charge (mainly for lorries and buses) Drartford Charge (bridge/tunnel) Cameras in London Parking in London,...

Tax Refund in England

Lost P45 P60

Finding a job in London

Transferring Money Abroad