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Sunday, May 22, 2022
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How to get started in London

Planning your trip to London by plane, train, coach, car or sea. Booking your accommodation. Tasks to do after you arrived include purchase of SIM card and oyster travel card, applying for your National Insurance...

What allowed through custom

How much cash, general products, cigarettes and alcohol can be imported from the European Union and the rest of the world into the United Kingdom. How to get a pet passport. Taking Cash in and...

Applying for Citizenship for children born in Britain

Eligibility and application for British citizenship for a child born in the UK to non- British parents. Dual citizenship for a child. One parent is a British citizen or has a settled status A child is automatically a...

Lost or stolen documents in London

Lost or stolen British and foreign passport, residence card, biometric residence permit and visas, driving licence and Global or European Health Insurance Card in London.  Reporting your lost or stolen document If any of your passport, identity card, travel documents...
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2021 Changes for EU citizens entering, working or studying in the...

The United Kingdom has left the European Union on 31th January 2020 and by agreement, on 1st January 2021 withdrew from the common market...

Driving In London

Tax Refund in England

Finding a job in London

Transferring Money Abroad