From 1st January 2021 the rules has changed for EU citizens visiting, working or studying in the UK.! Newcomers need to apply for a Work Visa or in some cases a Student Visa.
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CSCS is the UK’s leading skills certification scheme for the construction industry. Some employers require their workers to have a CSCS card. The card is a certificate, that shows you have the required qualifications and a health and safety training. If you brought your qualification from abroad, you will need a Statement of Comparability of your qualification.

There are several card types you can apply for:

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  • If you have never had a CSCS card, you can apply for a temporary Provisional red card.
  • For general construction work as a labourer, you can apply for the green card.
  • With Level 2 (NV, NVQ, QCF) skills you can get a Blue Skilled Worker Card
  • With Level 3 (NV, NVQ, QCF) skills you can apply for a Gold Advanced Craft card
  • You can find additional cards for different roles at CSCS cards.

Applying for a Temporary Red CSCS Card

A Temporary Red CSCS Card is for those who are working as a labourer and have not applied for a CSCS card before.

The card is valid for 6 months and it is not renewable. After the expiration date you must apply for a CSCS card that is appropriate for your job.

You must pass a Health, Safety and Environment test to obtain this card. There are various tools you can use to prepare for the Health, Safety and Environment test such as:

  • Books or DVDS – You can buy the “Health, Safety and Environment test for operatives and Specialists” from Amazon, WHSmith or from the CITB Store here. It costs around £16.
  • Mobile Applications – You can download the CITB Op/Spec HS & E test mobile app to help you revise.

Book your CITB Health,Safety and Environment test here. Test fee: £21.

Applying for a Green CSCS Labourer Card

You can only apply for this card if you have successfully completed Health, Safety and Environment test (above) and at least one of the following qualifications or courses:

  • The RQF Level 1 vagy SCQF Level 4 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment 
  • SCQF Level 5 REHIS Elementary Health and Safety Certificate

Most of these courses are one day courses.  Prices are around £95 – £200.

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The following certificates are also accepted:

Approved training centres and awarding bodies:

AIM Awards
City & Guilds
ETA Awards
Gateway Qualifications
GQA Qualifications
Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC)
Industry Qualifications
OCN London
Qualifications Network
Qualsafe Awards
The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH)

Foreign Qualification acceptance

If you have qualification from abroad, you need to get a Industry Skills Statement with Skills Mapping from Ecctis.  If you are applying for a blue, gold or black card, you will also need Skills Mapping.

Fee for the statement is £474. It takes about 30 days. Apply here:

You will need:

  • You will need a colour copy of your qualification document and an officially translated copy of it. 
  • You will need a colour copy of your course transcripts and an officially translated copy of it. 
  • Stage 1 form filled in by your collage, school or training provider
  • Letter of Authorisation – Your consent
  • Passport
  • Course content – detailed breakdown of the modules.

Card application

Once all the tests have been successfully completed, you can apply for a CSCS card by submitting a CSCS Application. The card will be sent to you within 20 days or you can call 0344 994 4777 to receive your card in the next couple of working days.
You need to pay £36 for the card.

Example ” 50 questions and answers” video