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Free contraceptive pills, injections or implants in England.
Getting a morning after pill or an IUD-intrauterine device for emergency contraception.
When is an abortion free. The cost of the termination in England.
Medical or surgical termination.


Free contraceptive pills, injections or implants can be prescribed by your family doctor – GP. You can request your usual one, however it may be under another brand name in England. See how to register with a GP here, if you have not done so yet.

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Emergency Contraception
Post event – morning after pill can be taken up to 72 hours after intercourse. An IUD-intrauterine device can be used for up to 5 days after.

Available for free of charge from your GP, Contraceptive Clinics, Sexual Health Clinics, some Genitourinary Medicine – GUM Clinics and Walk-in Centres.

Morning after pills are also available in pharmacies, but not for free. One pill cost around £26. Find your nearest clinic here  NHS-contraception.


Abortion in England is free of charge through the National Health Service – NHS.
First you need to call British Pregnancy Advisory Service – BPAS ‘s headquarter on 03457304030 or 01789508211 to book an appointment at the nearest clinic.

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You will need your NHS number, this can be found on your NHS Card, which you received by post after registering with your family doctor – GP.

If you do not have an NHS number, you have to pay for the termination. It cost between £480 and £1510. BPAS rates.

A pregnancy can be terminated up to 24 weeks. Between 0 to 20 weeks by medication or aspiration, and 20 to 24 weeks by surgery only.

Methods of Termination

0-9 weeks Early Medical Abortion – EMA can be administered.
You will usually need to visit the clinic three times. The first visit is a consultation and examination.

The second time you will be given a mifepristone tablet. On your last appointment you will get a prostaglandin tablet which is misoprostol or gemeprost, this results in miscarriage. Misoprostol can be taken orally or placed in vagina. The gemeprost can only be placed in the vagina.
Effective within 4-6 hours.

For 9 to 20 weeks, it is the same method as for the 0-9 weeks but with higher doses of prostaglandin.

Surgical termination

0-10 weeks Manual Vacuum Aspiration – MVA
After an anaesthetic injection into the cervix area, a small tube is inserted through the vagina and vacuum suction applied. It takes 5-10 minutes.

10-15 weeks Vacuum Aspiration
Similar to MVA, but with electric pump. Takes around 10 minutes.

15 to 21 weeks Dilatation and Evacuation – D & E
Surgical removal of the fetus.The procedure takes around 10-20 minutes.

21-24 weeks Hospitalised surgical termination.