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Short safety advice for working with chemicals such as bleach, dish washer detergent, oven cleaner, lime scale remover, etc.


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Different Types of Chemicals:

  • Toxic (poisonous)
  • Corrosive melt skin and tissues like acid (dish washer detergent/oven cleaner/lime scale remover)
  • Irritant gives rashes and irritates your skin

Low hazard is a chemical which has had water added to dilute it and therefore is ready to use. It is not very dangerous if it comes into contact with your skin.

In case of an accident with chemicals:

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  • Follow First aid procedures
  • Know the location of the first aid box
  • Dial 999 to get ambulance/fire brigade/police.

The DO’S when using chemicals

  • Read labels and instructions.
  • Wear protective clothing (reduces risk of injury)
  • Report accidents or spillages
  • Clean up any spillages if you spill something you must clean it as you go. (Risk of contamination/risk of injury)
  • Wash hands after use (risk of contamination/risk of injury)
  • Store correctly (away from food, low levels)
  • Ask the person in charge if you have any doubt about using chemicals.

The DON’TS when using chemicals

  • Do not mix Chemicals (danger of chemical reaction)
  • Do not use a chemical without label (you don’t know how dangerous it could be)
  • Do not throw away chemicals if you find an unknown chemical, or a chemical without label keep it unopened and report it to the person in charge.
  • Do not use for other purposes
  • do not put in unsuitable containers (as people can end up drinking it)