In the UK some jobs will require you to have a criminal record check that is called a DBS check (Disclosure and Barring Services) and/or if you had lived abroad to show a foreign Certificate of Good Conduct before you can start work. Such jobs include working with children or elderly people. 

DBS certificate in the UK

Enhanced Criminal Record Check – DBS certificate can only be applied for through your employer. You will be provided with the necessary forms to fill in, plus you will need 3 proof of identification documents e.g: passport, National Insurance Number, driving licence, utility bill, bank statement, rental agreement, P60, P45 etc. The certificate will be posted to your home address.

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Basic Criminal Record Check You might want to show you have no criminal record if you are self employed, working with kids, elderly, or you run a mobile/domestic service, like gardening, cleaning, beauty or fitness therapies, etc. You can apply for a Basic DBS certificate for yourself online –  Basic disclosure –  it costs £23.

Criminal Record Check from Abroad

If you have lived in another country for 3 months straight within the last 5 years then you will need to obtain proof of your criminal record check from that country. This is known as a ‘Certificate of Good Conduct’ but it is also commonly known as a ‘Certificate of Clearance’ and a ‘Certificate of No Criminal Conviction’.

How to apply for a foreign Certificate of Good Conduct

Each country has a different application process. You can apply at your countries embassy within the UK or you can apply in your original country. Criminal record check for Countries A – F  ;    Countries G – P  ;    Countries Q – Z.

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