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London Tube network maps and timetables. 
Opening times vary by line.
Line disruptions.

Tickets and ticket prices. Ticket rules, validity. Peak times,
Touching in and out with Oyster/ Contactless Card/Device. Yellow and Pink readers.
If you don’t touch in or out.
Travelling with kids.

Opening times

Most tube lines open at about 5 am and close at 1 am on Monday-Saturday. Sunday services run around 7 am to midnight.

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Night Tube

Night tubes in London are not operating until further notice.

Maps and Timetables

Underground Timetables 
Just select the train line you want, e.g. Central line, and then select the station you want to depart from and the station you want to travel to. It will show you all the trains you can catch within the hour e.g. 8-9 am. There is a drop down menu you can use to select different times throughout the day.
Tube Map
Night tube map
London Overground (LOROL)-  LOROL Map,   LOROL Timetables
Docklands Light Railway (DLR)  DLR Map,  DLR Timetable
TFL Rail map,   TFL Rail Timetable
National Rail and Tube Map,  National Rail Timetables

Useful to know/ Line Disruptions

Line closure is quite common on some lines. This is usually due to renovations and engineering work. However sometimes disruptions can be caused by bad weather or passenger related incidents, so it is useful to check your route before you travel.

You can check the real time status on Transport for London (Tfl), National Rail websites and their mobile applications TFL Go and National Rail.

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Useful links:
Status Update
Live arrivals
Journey Planner
National Rail Journey Planner
NR Live departure board

Ticket prices in London

London Zones. London Tube and Train network is divided into 6 zones. There are also zones 7, 8, 9 and A, B, C for areas outside of London where you can still use your Oyster card or contactless card, apple/android pay on mobile device to pay for your fare.

To buy a ticket or pay for your fare you can:

  • Buy a paper ticket, oyster card or top up your oyster card at any underground ticket machines, Visitor centres, National Rail ticket offices, One stop shops (convenience stores in London which normally display the blue oyster logo in their window) or online.
  • You can use contactless payments including contactless (paypass) bankcards and apple/android pay app on your mobile device (oyster card pricing applied on all). Some foreign credit cards are also accepted. Mastercards mainly and some visa cards. Exchange rate and purchasing fees on foreign credit cards are also added to each fare paid, depending on your bank.

Ticket prices depend on the time and which zone you are travelling in. You can use the Single fare finder to find the price of a journey between any 2 stations on the Tube, London Over ground, TFL Rail, DLR and National Rail services.

  • £2.40 one way trip in zone 1, when using Oyster card or a Contactless.
  • £5.50 a single paper ticket, travelling one way on the underground in zone 1, 2 or 3 in London. Single underground paper tickets cannot be bought in advance and can only be used at the time and place of purchase.
  • £11 Daily return paper ticket. When you buy a daily return ticket, you don’t have to worry about buying another ticket for your journey back, as you will already have it on you. It is valid for two single trips on the underground.
  • £13.90 Day Travel card off peak zone 1-6  paper version.
  • £7.40 Oyster or contactless daily cap in zone 1- 2. When using Oyster/Contactless, there is daily capping. When the total cost of all your journeys reaches a cap, you won’t be charged for any more journeys for that day.
  • £37 Zone 1- 2 weekly Travel card. When using contactless there is also a weekly capping. (Monday-Sunday only).

Season tickets weekly, monthly, annual Travel cards are available on Oyster Card or if you buy them from a National Rail train station, you’ll be given a paper ticket, however you will need to have a passport sized photo with you so that a free photo card can be made for you.

Tfl daily, weekly, monthly Adult fares 2021                    National Rail Train tickets

Ticket rules

When travelling on the Tube and trains, each person must have their own separate Travel card/Oyster card/Contactless payment card/ Mobile app.

All tickets and passes are valid until 4:30 am on the day after expiration, so you’ll be able to use it on night tubes and buses after midnight.

Don’t renew your season ticket between midnight and 4:30 am, you will lose a day as it will count towards the previous day.

You can use any zone Travel Card on a bus or tram, e.g. if you have a 2-3 zone Travel Card, you can use it on buses across London. Find more info about bus fares here.

Peak times

Peak Fares apply Monday-Friday on Oyster card and Contactless, it counts from the time you touched in, from 6:30 am – 9:30 am, and between 4 pm – 7 pm.

On a paper 1 Day Travel Card peak times are Monday to Friday between 4:30 am – 9:30 am, there is no evening peak.

Touching in and out with Oyster/ Contactless Card/Device

When you are using an Oyster Card or Contactless Card/Device to travel, you must touch in and out at the start and the end of your Journey. To do so, you just need to press your card against the yellow card reader. At some stations the barriers will be open but you will still need to touch in or out. If there aren’t any barriers at the station, there will be a yellow card reader on the platform or at the entrance/exit of the station.

Pink readers. You only need to touch the pink reader when you are not travelling via zone 1, indicating that you have travelled without passing through Zone 1. When passing through zone 1, you do not have to touch the pink readers. In any case, when you get to end of your journey you need to touch out on the yellow readers/gates.

If you don’t touch in and out

If you don’t touch in or out, then you might have an incomplete journey (Meaning you won’t be charged the correct fare for your journey). If this happens then you’ll be charged the maximum fare up to £14.70 or be issued with a penalty fare of £80. It is your responsibility to find a touch in or out point/gate/reader on the station.

Travelling with kids

On the Tube, London overground, TFL Rail and buses, children under the age of 11 can travel for free but only if they are travelling with an adult, who has a valid ticket. (Up to 4 children per adult). If a child is aged 11-15, they will be required to have a child ticket.