Media offer

Free classifieds ad listing.

Registered users (individuals or businesses) can post one free advert per category per language at a time. The category must match the topic of the advert. The advert will be displayed for 14 days. You can delete your ad at any time. Please note analytic data for classifieds ads are not available.

You may buy paid classifieds ad services:

  • Boost up your existing ad to the top £1
  • One Featured advert ( top 6 of the adverts list in a related category) £3 per week per language. 
  • One Sponsored advert ( top 6 of all categories listing)  £15 per week per language

Business advertising

To advertise your business on any of our websites, your business needs to be officially registered in the UK (have a company or UTR tax number) or at an EU official body or other non-EU countries’ company registrar (from non-EU countries we only accept registered companies, we do not accept freelancers). We reserve the right to decide about acceptance or refusal.

Business directory

Businesses/Freelancers can add their business name and contact details to our Business Directory without live link and web address and in one language for free.

You may purchase:

  • featured display for £10/month/language
  • extra language display for £10/year
  • live link for £5/year/language.

Public information that will appear in the Business Directory:
Business name, given contact details (e.g.: address, phone number, email address, web link if purchased).
Non public – private information:
Your username, email address, company registration number, and  tax number (only required for proof that the business is registered) are not publicly displayed

Sponsored advertisement per language per website

Businesses can apply to rent advertising places on our websites. (Subject to acceptance). For sponsored advertisements, basic analytics (clicks, location, device-type) monthly report are available on request.  

Where your advert can appear:

Within a related blog article per language per website (banner max height: 90px max width: 728px max: 400kb.)

  • 1 text link (maximum of 3 words) at the end of a related article for  £5 per month
  • 1 text link (maximum of 3 words) within a related article in a related text line for  £7 per month
  • 1 banner at the end of a related article £15 per month 
  • 1 banner in the middle of a related article £20 per month

Right sidebar per language per website  (banner max height: 300px max width: 300px max: 400kb)

  • 1 text link (maximum of 3 words)  per language  £50 per month
  • 1 text link (maximum of 3 words) all languages £200 per month
  • 1 banner per language  £60 per month
  • 1 banner all languages £240 per month

Header advertisement ( above menu) 1 banner £550 per month (banner max height: 90px max width: 728px max: 400kb)

Whole detailed article advertisement per category per language ( your own article, text content provided by the advertiser, translation is available on request)

  • One article £100 per month per language per category per website
  • One featured article (top of one category) £300 per month per category per language per website

Feed advertisement : cvs feed to jobs, flats and shop site 50p per post item / week (must match existing categories).