From 1st January 2021 the rules has changed for EU citizens visiting, working or studying in the UK.! Newcomers need to apply for a Work Visa or in some cases a Student Visa.
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Reporting a lost or stolen passport, crime, robbery, fraud, theft, harassment, violence, and a missing person in England.

The Emergency services phone number is 999. This must be used for emergency calls, in cases when a crime is occurring or whenever someone is in direct danger or in the case of a rape.

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For all other cases, 101 phone number should be used for example: a stolen car, vandalised property, drug abuse, minor road/traffic accidents, etc.

It is also possible to speak to an officer at the nearest Police Station. Upon reporting a crime you will be given a crime reference number.

Missing or stolen passport / ID card.
You must report your lost or stolen documents to the nearest police station. Retain your crime reference number as it is also required to report it to the Home office or your Embassy. Find more info about lost or stolen documents here.

Identity fraud
You may report it to the local police station by phoning 101 or online Identity fraud.

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Theft of a Vehicle
If you have your car, van or bike stolen, report it to the police on the 101 number. Retain your crime reference number for insurance purposes.

Following your insurance claim, you should notify the DVLA online or by completing section 9 in the Registration document – V5C. Attach a letter using the date you received the compensation and your insurer’s details. Give the rest of your vehicle logbook to your insurer. In the event the whole registration document is required by your insurance company, then include your vehicle’s details in the letter to the DVLA. Road tax will be automatically refunded.

Loan sharks
Every loan firm must be registered with FCA – Financial Conduct Authority. Report a company to the Illegal Money Lending Team Telephone: 0300 555 2222 (24 hours) or text LOAN SHARK and lender’s detail to 60003 number.

Rape, sexual assault
Call 999 immediately. The victims clothes will be required to assist the police investigation. It is important that evidence is retained during the investigation. Although it may be uncomfortable, victims should not wash until police have confirmed they can do so. If you do not wish to report it to the police, you can speak to: Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs), Rape Crisis for women, Victim service

National Stalking Helpline 0808 802 0300 Monday to Friday 9:30 – 16:00 Wednesday 13:00 – 16:00. You can also contact:
National Stalking Helpline
Protection Against Stalking
Victim Support

Child abuse
Including physical abuse, sexual harassment, emotional/psychological abuse and negligence.
Negligence can include lack of basic necessities such as food, home, supervision, lack of medical care, adequate education and emotional care.
If you think any child has been abused or harassed or the child / youth is in direct danger, call 999.
Report other offences against children to your local police station and your local council. For help and advice speak to NSPCC or telephone 0808 800 5000.

Domestic violence
If you suffer from domestic abuse or or if you suspect that any friend, relative, or neighbour, etc. is vulnerable to domestic violence or threats, if it is not an emergency, contact the local police station Neighbourhood Policing Team.

For help and information, you can also contact:
English National Domestic Violence Helpline 0808 2000 247
National Centre for Domestic Violence 0844 8044 999
Broken Rainbow for members of the LGBTQ+ community 0800 999 5428

Abuse of an older person
Including neglect, insufficient treatment, pressure to transfer property or money, emotional harassment such as intimidation, threats, physical abuse or sexual harassment.

If you think that an older person is directly in danger call 999. Otherwise report it to the local police and the local council. It is also possible to speak to the director of the hospital or care home they reside in. For advice and help you can turn to Action on Elder Abuse helpline Tel: 0808 808 8141

Missing person in England
Report a lost person to the local police. You do not have to wait 24 hours before reporting it. The police will ask you for a photograph of the missing person, details of relatives and friends they may have been with, what kind of mental condition he or she is in, objects with the missing persons DNA on, such as a toothbrush.
For help and advice, you can turn to the following:
Missing Persons Bureau
Missing People
Look For Them

Illegal immigration and smuggling
If you suspect that an individual is illegally resident, working or an employer using such an individual, you may contact the Home Office online Report immigration crime or Report smuggling.

Immigration Enforcement hotline 0300 123 7000
Crimestoppers 0800 555111
​Customs hotline 0800 595 000
The Anti-Terrorist hotline 0800 789 321

Benefit fraud
Report it online Report benefit fraud or at National Benefit Fraud Hotline – NBFH Tel: 0800 854 440 or in writing NBFH PO Box 224 Preston PR1 1GP.