From 1st January 2021 the rules has changed for EU citizens visiting, working or studying in the UK.! Newcomers need to apply for a Work Visa or in some cases a Student Visa.
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Student halls of residence eligibility and application.
Most common accommodation possibilities for students in London are:
Privately rented rooms.
Long term hostel rooms.
Rented apartments and houses.

Student Halls of Residence

Halls of Residence are large apartment blocks that accommodate many students. Some are shared apartments using a shared kitchen/living room area.

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Some are be set out as corridors with lots of individual bedrooms located around them (every bedroom typically includes a single bathroom and a small kitchen area).

Halls of Residence are usually managed from the University or their partners.

Most Universities guarantee positioning in halls for their full-time 1st year pupils and international postgraduates (if you meet the application deadlines). This varies between institutions e.g. you might not qualify if you have come through clearing.


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A basic room near the campus normally begins from £80 per week but prices vary depending upon the location and size of this accommodation e.g. a self-contained studio flat within the student village may cost up to £200 weekly.

You need to plan out what you can afford before you start looking for accommodation. The contract usually lasts for around 40 weeks (you won’t need to pay for the halls throughout the summer vacations).

If you’re receiving a care loan it is wise to check that the price of the accommodation is within the loan amount.

How to Apply

Most applications are made online. You will typically have the ability to list some of your favourite accommodations along with your preferred room type e.g. normal, en-suite, catered. The accommodation officers will then try to find the best suitable lodging from your own preferences. You are not automatically guaranteed your 1st choice, as a some residences may be over-subscribed.

Renting Accommodation Privately

Renting a room in a shared house is one of the most affordable options in London.
Prices start at around £ 80/week for a single room and around £130/week for a double room. It normally includes all bills and internet access. Usually there’s a minimum stay of three to six months. You will probably need to pay a deposit that equals between one week to one months worth of rent. Your deposit will be returned upon leaving the accommodation.

Look around on Airbnb, Gumtree, Spareroom, Zoopla, Rightmove or touch base with local letting agents. Locate them on Google or in phone books e.g.:, BT.

Some hostels in London also provide long-term accommodation for pupils. Private room prices start at around £150/week, Shared rooms (2-5 beds) around £100/week/person. Dorms (6-15 beds) about £15/night/person. Minimum stay is around 7 – 14 nights.

Where to locate them:  YHAStay centrallha London, Gumtree,, Hostelworld, Hostelbookers,

You might want to live at a privately rented apartment or home. Most 2nd year students choose this choice with their fellow students. An advantage of this is that you can live with your friends should you wish to and you will have more choice about where to live. Read more about Renting a home in London here.