Employees and self employed persons may apply for working tax credit and child tax credit. Eligibility, amount and benefit cap. There is one application form for all tax credits and help towards your child care cost. 

You need to apply for Universal Credit instead of Working tax credit and Child tax credit, unless you have disabilities. For more advice please contact Citizens Advice for help.

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Working Tax Credit in London


  • Don’t apply for any Benefits if your visa says ‘no recourse to public funds’ or you’re subject to immigration control and therefore you have a time limit on your stay.  It could affect your right to stay in the UK. You can contact your nearest Citizens Advice for help.
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Child Tax Credit

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Child care cost help

You may apply for some help towards your child care cost, if your child care provider is a registered person or an institution recognised by the government.

All in one Application

Benefit cap

The maximum benefits amount you can receive is:

  • If you are a couple or a single parent living with children, you can get up to £442.31 per week if you live in London and £384.62 per week living outside of London.
  • If you are single person, you can get up to £296.35 per week if you live in London and £257.69 per week living outside of London.