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Black cabs, tariffs, apps, lost and found.
Minicabs and Uber. 
Airport transfers.

There are two types of taxis in London, the Black cabs (although they can be different colours) with a taxi sign on the top of it and the minicabs which is an ordinary car with a taxi licence. Black cabs can be hailed in the street, but minicabs must be pre-booked.

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Black Cabs in London

Black cabs can be hailed in the street if their taxi sign on top of the vehicle is lit up, picked up from a taxi rank or booked for instant, airport and advance bookings by phone or online. Payments can be made by cash and most Black cabs accept card payments.

Fares are metered. There are 3 standard tariff periods depending on what day of the week you are travelling and what time of day it is.The minimum charge is £3.20. Fares are calculated between £2.84 and £3.96 per mile plus standing charge is around 50p per minute.

Mobile app: Gett for instant, airport and advance bookings.
Well known taxi booking companies include:
One-Number Taxi 0871 871 8710
Computer Cab 0207 908 0207 Credit/debit card bookings: 0207 432 1432
Dial-A-Cab 020 7253 5000
Radio Taxis 020 7272 0272

For lost property enquiries you can contact the company you travelled with or contact TFL online Lost Property form or call 0845 330 9882

For complaints or comments contact TFL here.

Minicabs in London

There are many different Minicab services you can use in London, including services to and from airports. Minicabs look like ordinary cars but with a taxi licence. Unlike a Black Cab, you can’t hail minicabs in the street, they must be pre-booked in person at a minicab office, by phone or online.

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Fares are calculated by distance. Minimum fare is around £10. You should get a price for your journey at the time of the booking. Payments are usually made in cash to the driver at the end of your journey or can be paid by card at the time of the booking.

Minicab Services and apps
Minicabit and mobile app.
Addison Lee 0207 387 8888 and mobile app

Uber mobile app.

To create an Uber account, you will need a valid email address and phone number. Add your name, phone number, and preferred language, you will be sent a text to verify your phone number. You will need to set up your payment information. Adding a credit card or debit card (prepaid cards are not accepted) number allows your trip fares to be automatically charged after each ride. After an email confirmation, you’ll be able to use your uber app to book a cab.

Requesting a ride. The Uber app automatically finds your location. All booking requests are matched with the closest available driver. You will see the matched driver’s name, licence plate number, photo and rating. You are able to contact your driver after the trip, if you left something in the car. You can also rate the driver and provide anonymous feedback about your ride.

Airport Transfers

Airport fare costs start from around £50, depending on airports and locations.

You can book a Black Cab by downloading the “Gett” app, advance booking up to 2 weeks is available, immediate pick up time approximately 3 minutes. You can also book on tel: 020 7272 0272.

You can use minicab services and mobile apps such as Uber,, Southend Airport has their own official Taxi Service. The booking office is within the terminal.